Pickleball Courts Now Available to Members

The two pickleball courts on Court 3 are now ready to go and reservations can be made here.  We've designated the courts A & B, with B being the one closest to the platform tennis court. The club has purchased eight beginner level wooden pickleball paddles which will located at the front desk and made available to members free of charge.  New pickleballs will also be made available for purchase at the front desk for $5. 

For new players, scoring and rules can be a bit confusing, particularly when you have a sport that forbids a player from stepping into a "kitchen" but here is a link to the US American Pickleball Association website which should provide all the information you need to get started, understand scoring and explain the whole kitchen thing.   The game is more conducive to doubles then singles and generally an hour long reservation is plenty of time to get in several games and a decent workout.

Hope you enjoy the new addition to CSTC!

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