Group Swim Lessons – Guppy Level Sessions (12p-12:30am)

For children who are comfortable in the water, but can’t swim the width (shorter side) of the pool. Children should be able to put their face in and will be taught to use their arms and legs and breathe properly while swimming across the pool.

Group Swim Lessons – Starfish Level Sessions (11:30a-12pm)

This level helps children adjust to the water and develop independent movement, teaches basic arm movement and kicking, pool safety and floating. Class is intended for children with minimal water experience. Children must be three and potty trained to take this class.

Group Swim Lessons – Dolphin Level Sessions (11a-11:30am)

This class is for children who can swim the width of the pool with their face in the water. It reviews and improves stroke skills on front, back, and side, builds endurance (to work toward passing the deep water test!) and teaches treading water, rotary breathing, and beginner’s breaststroke.

Group Swim Lessons – Shark Level Sessions (11a-11:30am)

This class is for children who are able to swim the length of the pool (25 yards) on front and back independently. Children willcontinue to refine breaststroke and work on other swimming strokes, including butterlly and sidestroke.