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Swim Group Passes

Swim Group Passes

Private Swim Lessons

In addition to our group lessons below, we offer private swim lessons with our guards who are Water Safety Instructor Certified. Each lesson is 30 minutes long and costs 30$. The lesson time is worked out between you and the guard and you pay the guard directly at the end of the lesson via cash or check. If you are interested in booking a private lesson, please email Kristi Braine, Ali McNulty, or Karen McIntyre with your contact information (preferably your cell phone),  and the instructor that you want to book. We will forward the request to the guard and they will reach out to you. The guards available for lessons are: Christian Robinson, Grace Ramirez, Grace Wilson, Marina Nunziato, James McCaffrey, and Maggie O’Donnell.


Swim lesson descriptions

 Starfish– Starfish helps children adjust to the water and develop independent movement. It teaches basic front crawl, back crawl and kicking skills, floating and pool safety. Class is intended for children with little to no water experience.

Guppy – For children who are comfortable in the water and swim with floatation device in horizontal position but cannot yet swim the length of the pool. Child must be able to put their face in. Children are taught to float, kick, and perform progressive arm movements across the pool.

Dolphin- This class is for children who can swim 15 feet with face in the water and no floatation device. It reviews and improves stroke skills on front, back and side, builds endurance and teaches treading water and rotary breathing and beginner’s breaststroke.

Shark – Shark is for children able to swim 25 yards on front and back without a floatation device. Children will refine breaststroke, and be introduced to other components of swimming such as sidestroke, backstroke, and butterfly kick. Depending on the swimmer’s level of comfort, they will learn the butterfly stroke.

******NOTE****** One pass is redeemable for one session. A session is two weeks long.  Session run from Monday-Friday the first week, and Monday-Thursday the second week. The second Friday is reserved as a rain day make-up session. If there are no sessions cancelled, there will be no lesson the second Friday. There is a minimum of 3 students per class and a maximum of 6. If the class does not have 3 students enrolled, the class will be cancelled, and the member will be refunded their money. All sessions are available for sign up now however,  we ask that members be courteous to other members. Meaning, if you book Session 1, please do not book Session 2 right away. Please give other members a chance to sign up for a session within that first two session block. If we get into late May,  and you see the sessions are not full, you may then enroll your child in the subsequent session.












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